Virginia Tech News: Brent Pry talks about a 3-Star recruit & Kyron Drones excited for a big opportunity in 2024

Virginia Tech football coach Brent Pry spoke about a three-star recruit and Kyron Drones is looking forward to a big opportunity in 2024.
Virginia Tech v Virginia
Virginia Tech v Virginia / Ryan M. Kelly/GettyImages

In this edition of Virginia Tech News, a recently signed recruit is at Annapolis, Maryland practicing with the Hokies ahead of the Military Bowl against Tulane, and quarterback Kyron Drones speaks about playing with a transfer wide receiver who missed this season

Recruit Chanz Wiggins practices with Virginia Tech

Wide receiver recruit Chanz Wiggins is practicing with the Hokies before the bowl game. Obviously, he can't play, but a new rule allows him to go through bowl practice and get accustomed to his new teammates.

"Number one, he's mature enough to handle and it's good exposure for him,'' Pry said. "He's getting to know the guys in practice, he's around them, he's getting into the drills, watching his movements, his ball skills, he's everything we'd hoped he be. He had to have all of his work completed at the high school and there could be anything hanging out there for him to do this. His mom has been bringing him up and he eats with us, goes through all the meetings, comes out to practice with us, and goes back home.''

The Hokies' top three receivers this season announced that they're coming back in 2024 and Old Dominion transfer Ali Jennings, who played one game before suffering an injury is coming back, but there is no doubt that Pry and the staff are high on Wiggins and expect him to be a part of the offense next season.

Kyron Drones talks about Ali Jennings and 2024

Starting quarterback Grant Wells was injured in Week 2 against Purdue and since that game, Baylor transfer Kyron Drones has been under center. Injured earlier in early September was Jennings and he has been out since. In the season opener against his former team, he had two touchdown catches and showed a lot of promise. With Jennings coming back, Drones is excited to have him healthy and added to a talented grouping.

"Me and Ali both made a decision at the same time to come to Virginia Tech as we were both in the (transfer) portal together,'' Drones said. "I didn't get a chance to play with him this year, but next year is going to be fun. He finally is getting back out there so next year it's going to be fun playing with him for the first time.''

Over the final eight weeks, the Hokies offense has had more ups than downs, but looking ahead to next season, if healthy and wiDrones already having a year under his belt, they are going to be a tough unit to cover.