Virginia Tech football on pace to destroy one narrative in 2025

It was a quiet draft in terms of Virginia Tech football players hearing their names called at the 2024 NFL Draft, but the Hokies should have no shortage of players drafted in 2025 in Green Bay.
Pittsburgh v Virginia Tech
Pittsburgh v Virginia Tech / Ryan Hunt/GettyImages

Now that the 2024 NFL Draft has come and gone, it's time for the experts to sit back and analyze each team's picks. This past weekend was a quiet one in terms of Virginia Tech football players hearing their names called for the pros.

That's not an indication of current head coach Brent Pry, but more of Justin Fuente and the mess the former head coach left Pry when he took over in Blacksburg. If there is one thing that the former Penn State defensive coordinator has done is that he's turning around the culture and appears on track again to be a pipeline between the college and the NFL for Hokies' players.

Virginia Tech set up for a big 2025 NFL Draft

This year Virginia Tech was one of 11 power conference teams to not have a player drafted in the Motor City. They joined Baylor, Colorado, Northwestern, Nebraska, SMU, Oklahoma State, Syracuse, Arizona State, Indiana, Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech. It's safe to say that 2025 is going to be a lot different in Green Bay in terms of hearing Virginia Tech players having their names called and this won't be a narrative a year from now.

Truth be told, it's very likely that at least one Hokie would have been picked this weekend, but Dorian Strong decided to return to Blacksburg for one more season rather than declaring for the draft. Quarterback Kyron Drones is also returning for another season and if things go well, he should move up teams draft boards as the season goes along and leads into the draft. Let's not underestimate defensive lineman Aeneas Peebles as a transfer from Duke who could also raise his stock value next fall.

There are going to be other players that will be getting the attention of NFL teams as the 2024 season goes along, but despite not having a name called this weekend, next spring in Wisconsin will more than makeup for what Hokies' fans missed this weekend.