Virginia Tech football falls in updated returning production rankings

Virginia Tech falls from the top spot in returning production for the 2024 season.
Virginia Tech v Virginia
Virginia Tech v Virginia / Ryan M. Kelly/GettyImages

Early in the offseason, the Virginia Tech football team ranked No. 1 in returning production for the 2024 season. A huge reason for that was the retainment that head coach Brent Pry and his staff got following the Hokies' 55-17 Thanksgiving Weekend victory over Virginia.

Quarterback Kyron Drones headlined the retainment Virginia Tech got along with running back Bhayshul Tuten and four wide receivers, Ali Jennings (who missed most of the season with an injury), Jaylin Lane, Da’Quan Felton, and Stephen Gosnell. However, since the transfer portals have opened and closed with a lot of player movement, the Hokies have taken a tumble in the latest rankings.

Virginia Tech falls from No. 1 in returning production rankings

Since the transfer portals have opened and closed, currently, Virginia Tech (84%) has dropped from No. 1 in returning production to No. 4. Iowa State (86%) is the new leader followed by Stanford (85%) and Oklahoma State (86%) ahead of the Hokies.

To be honest, that should not surprise anyone as it is the current state of college football with all the transfer portal movement that happens almost daily. Virginia Tech has brought in a backup quarterback, an offensive lineman, a defensive lineman, and a linebacker, not having many needs on offense. It wouldn’t be surprising, however, to see them try and get another running back before the summer is over.

A quick glance at the rankings shows six opponents for the Hokies cracking the Top 30. Aside from Stanford at No. 2, Virginia (81%) is sixth, Rutgers (72%) is 13th, Syracuse (72%) is tied for 13th, while Boston College (68%) and Miami (68%) are tied for 26th.

You can see why Virginia Tech’s schedule is now the fourth toughest ACC schedule for 2024, which is still surprising, but the Hokies offense should be able to put up points next season with all the retainment that they have. If healthy, Drones and Co. will be worth watching each week.