3 questions that must keep Virginia Tech women's basketball coach Megan Duffy awake at night

Three questions that must keep Hokies women's basketball coach Megan Duffy awake at night.
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All eyes will be on head coach Megan Duffy this season as the Virginia Tech women's basketball team hopes to prove they can compete without Kenny Brooks leading the way. At this point, Duffy has done her job by retaining key players and securing a huge recruit, Kate Sears. So what questions might keep Duffy awake at night as she prepares for her first season with the Hokies?

1. Does the roster have what it takes to make another NCAA tournament appearance?

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The Virginia Tech women's program has done well in previous seasons, making it to the NCAA tournament consecutively from 2021-2024. In 2023 the #1 ranked team made a Final Four appearance, where their season sadly ended at the hands of #3 LSU. This success has to be on Duffy's mind as she takes over for the Hokies women's basketball team. Has she done enough this off-season by retaining key players to build her team around? This season will give us that answer.

2. Will Sears' commitment help her land more big recruits?

Landing 5' 9" point guard Sears is a huge win for Duffy. She must now be considering how this will benefit her recruiting in the future. Recruiting is a constant job as the head coach and securing big names is essential for Duffy's success. Getting big players to commit will help her build a strong foundation for the future.

3. How important will this season be for her future at Virginia Tech?

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Following in the footsteps of a beloved and successful coach is a daunting task. For Megan Duffy, it is important to recognize how vital this upcoming season will be for her future at Virginia Tech. The fans will be watching every move she makes and are hoping for the best as the Hokies enter a new era this 2024-25 season.