Why Virginia Tech football fans shouldn't be concerned with transfer portal ranking

There is no cause for concern with Virginia Tech's low transfer portal ranking from 247Sports.
Sep 23, 2023; East Hartford, Connecticut, USA; Duke Blue Devils defensive tackle Aeneas Peebles (16)
Sep 23, 2023; East Hartford, Connecticut, USA; Duke Blue Devils defensive tackle Aeneas Peebles (16) / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

One thing that has become crazy lately in all college sports is the transfer portal. It's the NCAA version of free agency it feels like. It's one of the reasons why some college coaches are making the jump to the pros. Can't blame them.

The transfer portal is the fastest way for teams to speed up a rebuild or make them just as competitive the next season. For Virginia Tech football coach Brent Pry, the portal has played a huge role in the rebuild in Blacksburg and how it's picking up serious speed as Year 3 of the Pry-era begins. One check at 247Sports 2024 Transfer Football Team Rankings could be rather eye-opening as a Hokies fan, however, there is nothing to be concerned with.

Virginia Tech ranks 80th in transfer portal ranking

In 247Sports rankings, Virginia Tech ranks 80th with 18.12 points. The Hokies have brought in transfers Aeneas Peebles from Duke, Kelvin Gilliam from Oklahoma, and Sam Brumfield from Middle Tennessee State on the defensive side of the ball. Montavious Cunningham comes to Blacksburg on the offensive side of the ball from Georgia State.

If there is one big reason to not be concerned it is because of the amount of retention that Pry and his staff got since the end of the regular season. Last year in the transfer portal, quarterback Kyron Drones, running back Bhayshul Tuten, wide receivers Ali Jennings, Jaylin Lane, and Da'Quan Felton all transferred to Virginia Tech in the transfer portal and are all coming back for another year.

On the defensive side of the ball, Antwaun Powell-Ryland came in for 2023 from Florida and had a strong season, and like some of the transfers on the offensive side, he too is returning. Defensive backs Mansoor Delane and Dorian Strong also committed to coming back. Message sent, message received.

Retention is the easiest way to continue to speed up a rebuild along with the transfer portal. After hitting it out of the park in last season's transfer portal, there is no need to worry about the lack of numbers coming in this season compared to other schools as the low number of players going out and coming is no cause for concern when you build it quickly and players want to stay. The Hokies are going to be just fine in 2024 and fans have the excitement back around the program that has been missing for some time.