Virginia Tech Football: What did Brent Pry say after the Hokies Military Bowl win over Tulane?

Following Virginia Tech's 41-20 Military Bowl victory over Tulane, what did second-year head coach Brent Pry have to say?
Military Bowl presented by - Virginia Tech v Tulane
Military Bowl presented by - Virginia Tech v Tulane / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

The Virginia Tech football team closed out the 2023 season on a high note with a 41-20 victory over Tulane University to finish 7-6 and have a ton of confidence heading into the offseason and looking ahead to 2024.

Following the game, head coach Brent Pry spoke with the media and for the final time in 2023, we'll break down what he said and add our take on it.

What did Brent Pry say after beating Tulane?

Pry spoke about how his team stuck together all season long despite spending most of the season under .500.

"The team stuck together all year and ignored the noise -- when it was bad and when it was good."

He's right, they did stick together. After staring the season 1-3, it would have been easy to have things fall off the rails, but they didn't and the extra month of practice and game is going to do wonders heading into 2024.

Pry spoke about what the win over Tulane could do for the team in the offseason.

"It just helps move that needle a little bit harder in the right direction."

It does, but the needle was already moving in the right direction, win or lose, against Tulane. The job he has done in getting the players to return who are, getting the transfer portal additions and the recruiting class that's coming in next year is certainly going to be one of high expectations.

Pry spoke about his team winning the game without playing their best and how they would have lost this type of game earlier this season.

"This was the type of win that we couldn't find during the season, and we didn't play as well as we could have today."

If there was one thing true about the 2023 Hokies, it's that when they won, they dominated, but when they lost, yikes, it usually wasn't pretty. It wasn't always pretty aganst the Green Wave, but they made more than enough plays to win. That's what good teams do.

Pry spoke about the running game and the success they had with it Wednesday and all year long.

"Any time we've had success this year, really, we've been able to run the ball. That's who we need to be. That's who we want to be."

Yes, yes they have. Virginia Tech started having success running the ball really once ACC play began. It's no coincidence that once quarterback Kyron Drones got more comfortable, he turned into a duel threat. Running back Bhayshul Tuten started running the ball when offensive coordinator Tyler Bowen committed to it. The running game has the potential to be a strong point in 2024.

Virginia Tech's second-year head coach spooke about the bad weather conditions both teams had to deal with.

"It was tough conditions. You can't really simulate it like that, but they had the same weather we did. Both teams had to deal with it."

The weather conditions were, well, dreadful for both teams. Ball security was an issue for both teams and as the game went along, you had the feeling the team that adjusted to the conditions was going to win. Tulane's two touchdowns were set up by Virginia Tech fumbles in their territory.