Virginia Tech men's basketball has one big need in the transfer portal

Virginia Tech men's basketball Mike Young could use a big added to his roster from the transfer portal for the 2024-25 season.
Virginia Tech v North Carolina
Virginia Tech v North Carolina / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

Virginia Tech men’s basketball coach Mike Young has one more addition to his 2024-25 roster after two months of change between players entering the transfer portal and leaving and transfer portal additions (as well as a high school commit) coming into the program.

Young has added a lot of athleticism and some shooters who will fit right into the offense that the Hokies like to run. Adding a pair of ballhandlers in Hysier MIller from Temple and four-star Virginia Class of 2024 Ben Hammond. Young could fill out his roster in several ways, but adding one specific position would be big for the Hokies.

Virginia Tech needs to add a big to the 2024-25 roster

Virginia Tech’s roster has several wings and guards. Despite Mylyjael Poteat entering the transfer portal and then withdrawing to return for his final season, another big would benefit the roster.

Last season Lynn Kidd had his moments and played well, but he entered the portal following the season with one year of eligibility remaining and committed to Miami to stay in the ACC. Ben Burnham from the College of Charleston and Jaden Schutt from Duke will be able to stretch the floor for the Hokies, while Miller, Rodney Brown from California, and Hammond will be key contributors, and Tobi Lawal from VCU is an athletic forward who could be one of the Hokies better rebounders.

Virginia Tech was at its best this past season when they were getting their bigs involved and playing through them. Of course, it didn't happen every night, but when it did, that's when the Hokies had the most success. Getting production from the inside with the way the team is built for next season will be key and if Young can get a big in the portal with his final scholarship, it feels like the roster would be complete.