Virginia Tech Basketball: National CBB writer says Mike Young had plenty of work left

Mike Young still has a long way to go in building his roster for 2024-25.
Richmond v Virginia Tech
Richmond v Virginia Tech / Ryan Hunt/GettyImages

When the Virginia Tech men's basketball team was eliminated in the second round of the NIT on March 23 at Ohio State, not many people saw what was coming next. Or maybe some within the program did, but not to this extent.

A mess exodus from Blacksburg to the transfer portal began with Lynn Kidd and John Camden followed by Sean Pedulla, MJ Collins, Tyler Nickel and Mylyjael Poteat. Poteat, however, entered the portal last Wednesday, but three days later withdrew and announced he was coming back to Virginia Tech for next season.

The mass exodus left head coach Mike Young and his staff scrambling through the transfer portal to look for bodies for next in putting together a roster for the 2024-25 season. That is a lot easier said than done in the current state of the transfer portal.

One national college basketball writer, Isaac Trotter from 247Sports, wrote an article about what each team in some of the power conferences needs in the portal for next season. He had two takes on the Hokies, a priority and don't overlook.

"Priority: Backcourt | UTSA transfer guard Jordan Ivy-Curry is a good start, but Virginia Tech has to get busy in the guard market after Sean Pedulla and MJ Collins hit the portal. Virginia Tech needs big guards badly."

Ivy-Curry certainly fills a need for a guard, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Brendon Rechsteiner is still a member of the program and slated to return, but more depth is needed, preferably a scorer and another ballhandler.

"Don’t overlook: Virginia Tech certainly needs a few more versatile frontcourt defenders with Mekhi Long and Robbie Beran running out of eligibility and Lynn Kidd jetting down to Miami. Freshman Ryan Jones could help solve some of those issues right away, but Virginia Tech needs more depth."

Young got depth there Thursday with Ben Burnham from College of Charleston committing to the Hokies and the 6-foot-7 forward is someone who can stretch the floor with the 3-point shot. However, there is still more work to be done with depth in the front court, including a true big. Young and his staff still have ways to go to build a competitive roster for 2024-25.