Latest NIT projections paint an extremely promising picture for the Virginia Tech men

The Hokies appear to be just about a lock to reach the NIT next week.

Virginia v Virginia Tech
Virginia v Virginia Tech / Ryan Hunt/GettyImages

At the beginning of every season, the goal of every college basketball team is to make the NCAA Tournament. Unfortunately for just 68 teams, that goal is achieved. As far as the Virginia Tech men are concerned, that will not be the case this season.

The only path for the Hokies to the big dance this season was to win the ACC Tournament, but their stay in Washington, D.C. was a short one as they lost their first game, 86-76, to Florida State. That loss leaves Virginia Tech at 18-14 and with a solid NET ranking, the NIT is their path to playing in the postseason.

Latest NIT projections very promising for Virginia Tech

According to, Virginia Tech is safely in the field and projected to be in the "Seton Hall Region" and they also have them as a lock to get in the 32-team tournament. According to NIT Bracketology (, they also have the Hokies in the field. Wake Forest and Syracuse are also locks from the ACC to be in the field according to the site. Boston College is also likely to be as well.

Just how things play out at 9:30 p.m. ET on Sunday night remains to be seen. Tonight and tomorrow are the championship games for the major conferences and there are going to be some teams that end up "stealing a bid'' and knocking a bubble team out and into the NIT. For instance, North Carolina State is playing North Carolina for the ACC Championship tonight in Washington, but the Wolfpack will be playing their fifth game in five days, so just how much will they have left in the tank?

North Carolina, Duke and Clemson are locks for the NCAA Tournament from the ACC, but after that, there are a ton of questions. Wake Forest will be out, but just where does Pittsburgh and Virginia fall in the committee's eyes? Virginia is likely a "First Four'' team, while the biggest wild-card is Pittsburgh. If they don't get in, add another ACC team to the NIT.

Regardless if you're excited or not for the NIT, head coach Mike Young will be as he gets to coach his group for at least one more game. It's not the NCAA Tournament, but it's a chance to see Hunter Cattoor and his teammates take the floor at least one more time in 2023-24.