ESPN sums up just how tough the Virginia Tech men's basketball offseason has been

ESPN college basketball writer Jeff Borzello sums up the transfer portal issues for the Virginia Tech men.
Richmond v Virginia Tech
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It's no secret that one of the teams affected by the transfer portal this spring in men's college basketball was Virginia Tech. Head coach Mike Young lost a lot of key pieces including point guard Sean Pedulla, center Lynn Kidd, and guard MJ Collins were some of the players that left following a second round NIT loss to Ohio State.

Young has filled all but one of the roster spots going into the 2024-25 season with transfers of his own and he also got a commitment from in-state recruit Ben Hammond. Still, the loss of Pedulla and others will be felt next season and Jeff Borzello of ESPN noted just how tough things have been in the portal this spring for the Hokies.

Virginia Tech named a team "Hurt by the portal"

Borzello is not breaking any news here when he listed Virginia Tech as one of the teams hurt this spring by the transfer portal.

"The Hokies lost All-ACC guard Sean Pedulla, double-figure scorer Lynn Kidd, starter MJ Collins and former North Carolina transfer Tyler Nickel, leaving Mike Young with a difficult rebuild on his hands. Hysier Miller (Temple) and Ben Burnham (Charleston) highlight the incomings."

Jeff Borzello

Despite losing the players Young lost, he does have some good players coming in, but it's going to take some for them to jell. You have to think that a big reason why the players who left did leave was because of the lack of NIL funds the program has as it didn't take Kidd long to commit to Miami. This is where college sports is heading now.

Collins and Tyler Nickel both committed to Vanderbilt, while Pedulla also ended up in the SEC at Mississippi. Rodney Rice, who left the program right before the beginning of the 2023-24 season is at Maryland.