AJ Brand has puzzling quote about South Carolina after Virginia Tech commitment

Virginia Tech's newest quarterback commit AJ Brand drops a puzzling quote about South Carolina and their recruitment of him.
Clemson v South Carolina
Clemson v South Carolina / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

Over the last week, Virginia Tech began trending to get a commitment from three-star quarterback AJ Brand. The South Carolina native's decision on Sunday came down to Virginia Tech and South Carolina.

In the end, Brand committed to Virginia Tech over the Gamecocks and he gave head coach Brent Pry and offensive coordinator Tyler Bowen two good quarterbacks in the Class of 2025 with Kelden Ryan from DeSoto, Texas already committed. That duo creates a very interesting and talented QB room with Davi Belfort and Pop Watson already on board. Following his commitment, Brand sat down with Kolby Crawford of 247Sports and spoke about committing to the Hokies and he dropped a quote that will certainly raise some eyebrows.

AJ Brand explains what South Carolina's plans were for him

Brand is a dynamic quarterback with an impressive skill set, very similar to current Virginia Tech QB Kyron Drones. Brand said that Drones was big in terms of him committing to the Hokies, but nobody played a bigger role than offensive coordinator Tyler Bowen. However, Brand talked about South Carolina and quite frankly, it's not a good look for the Gamecocks and head coach Shane Beamer.

"South Carolina didn't know where they wanted me to play. (Tyler Bowen) trusting in me and seeing that I can do something I have been doing all my life stood out to me with him being such an impact on my commitment."

AJ Brand

Ok, so what should catch your eye is the first part of the quote about South Carolina not knowing where they wanted to play him, on defense or as a QB. If I'm Pry, Bowen, and every single recruiter at Virginia Tech, I'm taking that quote and running with it when I'm out recruiting. Bowen was honest with Brand and his style fits right into the offense that the Hokies run and with South Carolina undecided about where to play him, it made his decision that much easier.