Where does Virginia Tech end up if the ACC collapses?

Recent lawsuits by Florida State and Clemson leave the future of the conference in doubt.

Military Bowl presented by GoBowling.com - Virginia Tech v Tulane
Military Bowl presented by GoBowling.com - Virginia Tech v Tulane / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the ACC? We might be. First Florida State filed a lawsuit against the conference and Clemson followed suit on Tuesday. Things are going to get ugly and it feels like it's only a matter of time before both schools are gone and headed for one of the new super conferences.

The Big Ten and SEC are the likely destinations for those schools, but where each one ends up remains to be seen. If those schools leave, that leaves the ACC with questions and one of those questions is where does Virginia Tech end up?

Next fall, Stanford, SMU and California are joining the ACC while Florida State and Clemson are inching to get out it appears. Those lawsuits many believe means that the end of the ACC is coming at some point. FSU and Clemson are challenging the ACC's Grant of Rights, which runs through 2036, while Clemson is challenging the $140 million exit fee from the ACC.

"Like Duke, the Hokies may choose to remain in the ACC if some of the heavyweights begin jumping ship and joining the Big Ten and the SEC, one source told 247Sports this week. It doesn't look like the Big Ten would be a possible landing spot for Virginia Tech without AAU accreditation."

Brad Crawford, 247Sports

Virginia Tech remaining in the ACC would not be a surprise if Clemson and Florida State leave and if that happens, you have to imagine that Miami would explore their options going forward. Wild cards North Carolina and North Carolina State would also likely begin the frame work to leave as well. Virginia? That would be interesting to see their decision.

The Big Ten and SEC will wait until the lawsuits by Clemson and Florida State play out before beginning talks of expansion with both schools. As far as Virginia Tech is concerned, if I had to guess and they tried to leave the ACC, they would like to go to the SEC as geographically makes the most sense, while I agree with Brad Crawford, the Big Ten makes little sense. If we know one thing, Hokies fans would favor a move to the SEC first before anywhere else should they choose to not stay in the ACC.