Virginia Tech women's basketball is a Top 16 seed in first reveal by the tournament committee

The Hokies were ranked No. 10 in the first NCAA women's reveal.
Virginia Tech v NC State
Virginia Tech v NC State / Lance King/GettyImages

Selection Sunday for the 2024 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament is just over four weeks away and Virginia Tech is all but assured a spot in the field.

Sitting on top of the ACC with an 11-2 record ahead of Thursday night's home game against Duke, the Hokies are in a position to finish in the top four and secure a double bye in the ACC Tournament next month. Thursday night, the first top-16 reveal ahead of the 2024 NCAA women's college basketball tournament was released by the committee, and to no one's surprise, the Hokies are on the list.

Virginia Tech is currently a Top 16 seed

The first reveal by the women's tournament committee Thursday night, with the second coming in two weeks on Feb. 29, has Virginia Tech as the No. 10 overall seed in the tournament and a 3-seed in one of the Portland Regionals.

For the second straight season, the regionals will be held at two sites instead of four (Portland and Albany, New York), with each site comprising of two pods, and the Hokies are currently in the second Portland pod. The No. 1 seed in their bracket is Colorado, with Ioaw the second seed, the Hokies are third and Kansas State is fourth. It must be stressed that these are going to change daily and it could even change as early as tomorrow depending on tonight's results.

It was mentioned during the ESPN broadcast and can't be stressed enough, that the Hokies are one of few teams that have more opportunities in their five remaining regular season games and the ACC Tournament to pick up key wins that could move them further up in the seeding process over the next month. Staying in the Top 16 is key for Kenny Brooks and his team going forward over the month.