Virginia Tech Women's Basketball Thoughts: Elizabeth Kitley injury, NCAA Tournament seeding

Here are some thoughts on the Hokies women ahead of the NCAA Selection Show Sunday night.
North Carolina v Virginia Tech
North Carolina v Virginia Tech / Ryan Hunt/GettyImages
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This week, the Virginia Tech women’s basketball team is getting a much-needed week off following the ACC Tournament. The Hokies were eliminated in the semifinals by Notre Dame, who went on to beat North Carolina State in the championship game.

If there ever was a time for a break to hit the reset button for Virginia Tech, it is now. They have players who are struggling, they are dealing with an injury to Elizabeth Kitley and they quite frankly haven’t looked anything like the team they were after their second win over North Carolina on Feb. 24. Here are some thoughts on the Hokies going forward over the next couple of weeks.

Don’t expect an announcement on Kitley until after Sunday

In the overall big picture, expect head coach Kenny Brooks and the medical staff to do whatever is right for Kitley going forward with her injury. She was ruled out of the ACC Tournament and the medical staff and trainers are working with her, but in the end, whatever decision comes will also be made with an eye toward her future.

She has a bright WNBA future ahead of her and I would not expect Brooks to put that in danger by rushing her back if she’s not ready. If that happens, it would be the 100% right decision, but if she’s able to play, then it would be huge for the Hokies to get her back. She is the three-time ACC Player of the Year after all. If there is any positive news, it’s that she was not on crutches and she had a smile on her face at the ACC Tournament on the bench. She appeared to have a brace on her knee which is expected and whatever decision is made will be the best one for her going forward. She’s earned it.