Virginia Tech women's basketball all-time round-by-round NCAA Tournament record

As the Virginia Tech women get ready for the NCAA Tournament, here is their tournament history.

Ohio State v Virginia Tech
Ohio State v Virginia Tech / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

For the second consecutive season, the Virginia Tech women’s basketball team will host the first and second rounds of the NCAA Tournament at Cassell Coliseum. Last season the Hokies won their two games at home on their way to a run to the Final Four, their first time playing on the final weekend in program history.

Virginia Tech’s NCAA Tournament history is one that has 25 games played and they will look to make another deep run this March, but questions around Elizabeth Kitley’s health will determine just how far they can go. As the Hokies get ready to host Marshall this weekend in Blacksburg, here is the all-time history for the program.

Virginia Tech's all-time NCAA Tournament record

Historically speaking, the Hokies have had their ups and downs in the NCAA Tournament. They have a 13-12 overall record and reached the Elite Eight and Final Four for the first time in 2023. Here is a round by round breakdown of their record.

  • First Round: 9-3
  • Second Round: 2-7
  • Sweet 16: 1-1
  • Elite Eight: 1-0
  • Final Four: 0-1

Let’s take a look at the few late-round results that Virginia Tech has.

What are Virginia Tech’s Sweet 16 results?

  • 1999 (No. 4 seed): Lost to No. 1 Tennessee, 68-52
  • 2023 (No. 1 seed): Beat No. 4 Tennessee, 73-64

How ironic is it that both times the Hokies went to the Sweet 16, they played Tennessee, 24 years apart?

What are Virginia Tech’s Elite Eight results?

  • 2023 (No. 1 seed): Beat No. 3 Ohio State, 84-74

What are Virginia Tech’s Final Four results?

  • 2023: (No. 1 seed): Lost to No. 3 LSU, 79-72

Under Kenny Brooks, the history of the program in the NCAA Tournament is only going to get longer and better. It should be a yearly achievement for the program going forward.