Virginia Tech AD Whit Babcock revealed what he's looking for in his next coach

Whit Babcock said what he is looking for in his next women's basketball coach at Virginia Tech.
Virginia Tech v Purdue
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Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock met with the media Wednesday to address his women's basketball coach Kenny Brooks leaving Blacksburg for Kentucky. Babcock touched on a lot of topics regarding his former coach who brought the Hokies program to a National Championship contender status.

He is going to start looking for the next head coach of his women's program and he gave everyone a hint of what he's looking for in the leader of the program.

Whit Babcock outlines what he's looking for in his next women's basketball coach

Babcock was honest with what qualities he's looking for in his next women's basketball coach at Virginia Tech,

  • Ability to engage with the community
  • Ability to recruit in the region
  • A proven winner
  • Having a quality assistant coaching staff
  • Someone who has the hunger and drive to succeed in the current NCAA environment that is college sports with NIL.

Whoever that next coach needs to be found and found quickly with the ever-changing landscape of college sports. The transfer portal is almost the biggest thing that college coaches have at their disposal to quickly make additions and be just as competitive next season as they were in the previous season. However, finding the next coach will need to be done in terms of keeping as much retention within the program as possible.

There going to some key players that enter the transfer portal from the 2023-24 Virginia Tech roster and some of them will likely follow Brooks to Kentucky, which you can't blame them. Factor in the recruits that Virginia Tech has signed, they have no commitment to the next head coach and again, it wouldn't be surprising to see some of them end up in Lexington with Brooks.

Names will be circulated until Babcock makes the next hire, including Rice coach Lindsay Edmonds. Whoever is named the next coach in Blacksburg is going to have to check the boxes that Babcock laid out Wednesday. Easier said than done.