Virginia Tech star Elizabeth Kitley to attend WNBA Draft in New York

It was announced Thursday that Elizabeth Kitley will be in attendance for the WNBA Draft next Monday ngiht in New York.
Miami v Virginia Tech
Miami v Virginia Tech / Lance King/GettyImages

It was not the way it was supposed to end at Virginia Tech. Midway through the third quarter of a game on March 3 at Virginia, Elizabeth Kitley went in for a layup on a fastbreak and landed awkwardly. She immediately grabbed her knee and everyone could tell the news wasn't good. She ended up tearing her ACL and undergoing surgery before the Hokies began the NCAA Tournament later that month.

Despite the injury, that's not going to stop one of the greatest women's players of all time in Blacksburg from not showing up for a memorable night in New York next Monday night. Thursday, it was announced that Kitley will be in attendance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music for the WNBA Draft where she will hear her name called.

Thursday, ESPN analyst Rebecca Lobo spoke about Kitley ahead of the draft next week.

"One GM or coach was telling me she was a stock riser the last month of her career because she was consistently putting up 20 and 10 kind of numbers and could be unstoppable at times in the college game and proved that she could be a consistent backup five in the WNBA. It's tough with some of the athletes that player her position in the league in terms of defensively, how her game will translate, but certainly a player - especially now that you're going to have a year to either work with her or help her rehab and get to where you want her to be next season - who I think a lot of coaches, GMs think can be a player who can help them at the backup five spot."

It certainly is very disappointing that Kitley won't be able to play this season, however, she will have plenty of time with her new team to work out and come back next season a better player and ready to make an impact. Regardless, it's so great that she'll be in attendance in New York Monday night when her name is called.