Virginia Tech football coach Brent Pry has a strong message to potential recruits

The Hokies third-year coach has a pretty strong message to potential recruits.

Duke v Virginia Tech
Duke v Virginia Tech / Ryan Hunt/GettyImages

It has taken some time, but recruiting is starting to buzz for the Virginia Tech football team. If there is one thing that third-year coach Brent Pry knows, it's the history of Virginia Tech football as he was in Blacksburg when the Hokies had things rolling with conference championships.

Now Pry and his staff are building things back up at Virginia Tech and recruiting is taking off, especially in the state of Virginia, an area that Pry knew he needed to succeed in when he took over for Justin Fuente. So far so good in the Class of 2025 and he revealed what he mentions to recruits who are not old enough to remember the Frank Beamer days in Blacksburg.

Brent Pry reveals his message to recruits and families

Pry sat down with Josh Pate one of the many things they talked about was recruiting and his message to potential recruits. The response shows the short-term and long-term goals at Virginia Tech.

"I tell recruits and families all the time that this place was Clemson before Clemson was Clemson. Truly. In the same breath, seven conference championships in 15 years. Who does that sound like? Ohio State, Alabama. Who is winning those kind of league championships that frequently? That was Virginia Tech. I was here for a Sugar Bowl championship, I was here for an Orange Bowl and so were several members of my staff. We know what it looks like to win championships here. I never would have left James Franklin and Penn State if I didn't believe we couldn't do that here."

Brent Pry

It certainly feels like they are on their way to being a contender for a National Championship and it could even happen sooner rather than later. If he continues that message and the on field product shows he's correct, then recruiting should really take off.