Virginia Tech Basketball: Mike Young ranking among ACC coaches is rather spot on

Mike Young low ranking is not surprising.
Richmond v Virginia Tech
Richmond v Virginia Tech / Ryan Hunt/GettyImages

Mike Young would be the first to admit that the 2023-24 season could have gone better for Virginia Tech. After starting the season promising in the non-conference and even picking up some impressive wins over Iowa State and Boise State, things unraveled once ACC play began.

The Hokies struggled once conference play began, especially on the road despite home wins over Clemson and Wake Forest. They went 2-8 in the ACC away from Blacksburg and it cost them an NCAA Tournament berth. They settled for another NIT bid and saw their season end in the second round.

After what turned into a disappointing season and struggles at times, College Basketball report released their rankings of the ACC coaches, which also included SMU, California and Stanford who is coming into the ACC next season, and Young was down near the bottom.

Mike Young ranked low in the latest ACC coaches rankings

Young checked in at No. 14 out of 18, with Florida State's Leonard Hamilton, Mark Madsen of California, Damon Stoudamire of Georgia Tech, and Earl Grant of Boston College. Virginia's Tony Bennett was ranked first.

Since the season ended, there has been a mass exodus of players that entered the transfer portal which has gutted the 2024-25 roster and forced Young and his staff to hit the portal to build a roster for next season. Did that play a role in the rankings? Who knows.

One thing about Young for sure, he is passionate and his postgame press conferences are always entertaining, but sooner or later, Virginia Tech fans are expecting better results on the court, something they are not getting. There are some good coaches in the ACC, but it feels like Young's team has been underachieving and that is something that needs to turn around quickly.