Predicting how many ACC teams will make the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

How many teams will the ACC get in the 2024 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament?
Florida Atlantic v Charlotte
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On the bubble

Clemson, Virginia, Syracuse, Miami, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Florida State, North Carolina State.

This is a rather large group with most of these teams likely ending up on the out list sooner rather than later. Virginia Tech has one of the better NET rankings of the group, but each time they have a chance to collect a big win, they slip up like they did against Duke Monday night. Florida State struggled through their non-conference schedule but has been arguably the biggest surprise in conference play, but losing at home to North Carolina last weekend all but sank their hopes in the big picture.

Miami is a veteran team, but like others in this group, when they have an opportunity to get a big win, they have fallen short. It feels like the loser of this weekend’s Miami/Virginia Tech game could slip down to the previous group. Wake Forest and NC State started hot in conference play but have slipped up of late and Syracuse continues to up and down under its coach. Virginia is the one wild card here that could make a jump into the bubble and even find themselves with an at-large bid as they are healthy and playing some of the most consistent basketball in the conference. Clemson has been on the inside with most bracketologists, but the Tigers are going to need a strong second half to stay there.