Kenny Brooks doesn't hold back and calls out the way teams defend Elizabeth Kitley

Kenny Brooks didn't hold back on the way Boston College and other teams defended Elizabeth Kitley.
Miami v Virginia Tech
Miami v Virginia Tech / Ryan Hunt/GettyImages

After the Virginia Tech women's basketball team beat Boston College, 74-63, Sunday afternoon at Cassell Coliseum, Hokies' coach Kenny Brooks, point guard Georgia Amoore, and center Elizabeth Kitley met with the media. Kitley had a visible bump on her forehead, which was a clear sign of just how physical the Eagles played her.

Basketball can be a physical game at times, but not as physical as Boston College was. Brooks did not hold back giving his thoughts on how his two-time ACC Player of the Year is defended by not just BC, but most teams this season.

"I am frustrated, it's not new, it's not new,'' Brooks said. "She gets beat up every game, every game. It really makes me mad when someone wants to question her toughness or they say she can't do this, man you try and do what she does when you got three or four people around her. They're not guarding her, they're beating her up. Every game. Every game. They're not guarding her, they're beating her up. It's like you can do whatever you want to do and it doesn't change.

"She goes out and scores 24 points and grabs 15 rebounds, it's phenomenal. What she did today is nothing different than what she had to endure every day. There are some teams that will play basketball, there are. There are some teams who will play basketball, but she gets beat up, and for me, I'm getting tired of it. I'm getting tired of watching what she has to go through and what she has to go through on a daily basis. She has to endure this every game. It's not just today, it's every game.''

He's not wrong and with Duke coming to Blacksburg Thursday night, expect them to be physical as well. There's playing basketball and being physical, then there's playing basketball and beating somebody up. Kenny Brooks is sending a message to protect his generational talent and it's the right decision and why he's one of the best in the business.