College football analyst is extremely high on Virginia Tech in 2024 if this happens again

Greg McElroy thinks the Virginia Tech offense can be "dangerous" in 2024 with Kyron Drones under center.
Wake Forest v Virginia Tech
Wake Forest v Virginia Tech / Ryan Hunt/GettyImages

There were some pretty big takeaways from Virginia Tech's 2024 Spring Game last Saturday at Lane Stadium. Some of the younger players looked good, there is a depth at a lot more positions than originally thought and more.

Quarterback Kyron Drones looked good like he did over the final two months of the 2023 season and the bowl victory over Tulane in the Military Bowl. In the Spring Game, Drones, a Baylor transfer, was 6-for-10 for 122 yards and he looked good. Virginia Tech had him moving the pocket, rolling out, and come the fall, tucking the ball and running.

One college football analyst, Greg McElory, took notice of what happened and thinks that the Hokies could be a dangerous team in the fall if Drones looks like he did last Saturday.

"We know that Kyron Drones is going to be great this year and he picked up right where he left off last season,'' McElroy said. "He went right down the field early going 6-for-10 for 122 (yards) and a couple touchdown passes. He moved around in the pocket and made some nice throws and some nice reads and if he plays like this in the fall, they're going to put up a lot of points.''

McElroy is not wrong. Drones looked as good as Hokies' fans hoped he would and defentiely picked up where he left off in the winter. He spoke this spring about getting more confidence and being a leader for the team, something he clearly is trying to do.

McElroy also noted what a lot of us did, there is a lot more depth on this team than originally thought and that Brent Pry is building something big in Blacksburg in his third season. McElroy did say that Virginia Tech can't survive a ton of injuries like a lot of teams, but that they have a lot more depth to withstand some injuries.