ESPN places Virginia Tech men's basketball coach Mike Young on a very strange list

ESPN places Mike Young on a strange list for the 2024 offseason.
Virginia v Virginia Tech
Virginia v Virginia Tech / Ryan Hunt/GettyImages

Coming off their most complete game of the 2023-24 season with a 75-41 victory at Cassell Coliseum on Monday night, the Virginia Tech men's basketball team has a huge game Saturday night at Pittsburgh in terms of a postseason bid to either the NCAA Tournament or the NIT.

At 15-11, unless they go on a run, Virginia Tech is likely headed for a second consecutive NIT bid. Over the next couple of months, once the NIT and NCAA Tournament are complete, jobs are going to open like football. There are likely going to be current head coaches who might listen to other schools to see if they want to make a move. ESPN recently released an article and they had an interesting take on Young.

ESPN lists Mike Young in a group of "Guys who could look around" at other jobs

Three jobs are currently open in high-power schools, Ohio State, West Virginia, and DePaul. ESPN listed some coaches that could be "guys who could look around" for another job for one of the three mentioned above or another one that should open and Young was one of the coaches mentioned in that group.

Count me as someone who doesn't think that Young would look for another job unless he was blown away by an offer and situation. ESPN listed three tiers and Young fell into the third tier of guys who could look around. Included in that group were Fran McCaffery of Iowa, Andy Enfield of USC, former Virginia Tech coach and current Texas A&M coach Buzz Williams, and Chris Jans of Mississippi State.

Young loves Virginia Tech and I get the feeling that if he was to not return next season or any season going forward, then it would be his decision, not the schools and I don't think it would be for another job, but instead for retirement. Of course, he could "look around" but it would be very surprising if he's not in Blacksburg next season, and putting him in this group seems very strange.