Comment by Cameron Brink of Stanford is one we're going to hear a lot in the future

Cameron Brink won't be the last college athlete to mention this as a reason as to why they are leaving college to go to the next level.
NC State v Stanford
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Starting in the fall, college conferences are changing and will be nothing like what we are used to. Gone is the PAC-12 Conference with California and Stanford joining the ACC along with SMU. In reality, it's turning the Atlantic Coast Conference into the All-Coast Conference.

Whether you like it or not, this is becoming the new college sports landscape and it's going to change again and again. Five years from now, it's going to look different than it will in September when the college football season starts. By then, who knows where Virginia Tech will be?

Friday night during the Women's Final Four in Cleveland, Stanford standout Cameron Brink, who in March announced that she going to enter the WNBA Draft this month, gave her reason for why she's leaving college and heading into the pros on The Bird and Taurasi Show, the alternate broadcast by ESPN.

"Comment by Cameron Brink of Stanford is one we're going to hear a lot in the future. But, you know, I feel I can still learn as a rookie and being a rookie, there is a learning curve. So, I’m looking forward to just giving myself grace and accepting that it will be a building year for me. So, I think I’m kind of tired of school. Stanford is no joke. So, as much as I love my coaching staff and my teammates, I don’t want to travel across the country."

Cameron Brink

What sticks out is the end, "I don't want to travel across the country.'' Sadly, even though she's one of the first to mention that it's the reason she is leaving college is because of cross-country travel, she won't be the last.

She doesn't want to go from California to Miami or Boston College, or even head to North Carolina or Virginia. Apparently, there is not enough NIL money to keep some players from deciding to go to the pros rather than stay in school. Over time, this is a reason you better get used to as it's one you're going to hear for years to come, sadly.