ACC corporate sponsors we'd like to see

The funniest potential ACC corporate sponsors we would like to see.
ACC - North Carolina v NC State
ACC - North Carolina v NC State / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

As college sports have grown exponentially in popularity across the country it is interesting to consider which businesses might hop on the sponsorship train. More and more companies are seeing the potential marketing and profit possibilities in connection with college sports.

The Big 12 are negotiating terms with Allstate and the SEC has considered which sponsors would be their best fit. Here are some sponsors that would make a funny pairing for the ACC.

Liquid IV

STURDY. Oasis Hydrated By Liquid I.V. - Que Calor
STURDY. Oasis Hydrated By Liquid I.V. - Que Calor / Joe Scarnici/GettyImages

As the top powdered hydration brand in the US, Liquid IV would make a great sponsor for the ACC. Not only do athletes need electrolyte drinks, but we all know college students require fast-acting hydration as well. Liquid IV would be the perfect match for college kids and student-athletes in the ACC.

Dunkin Donuts

Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey
Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey / Gary Hershorn/GettyImages

The Dunkin' vs. Starbucks debate is a big one in the US. With Dunkin' being a popular East Coast coffee shop, it would make a good match for the Atlantic Coast Conference. Dunkin' would be a good sponsor because it is loved by college students and already features student-athletes on the brand's team. Dunkin' is also a sponsor of College GameDay so it just makes sense.


Wawa Convenience Stores
Wawa Convenience Stores / Kent Nishimura/GettyImages

If you have ever been to a Wawa you know why it is the ultimate convenience store. There are Wawa stores located in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Florida. As they are already popular around some ACC schools, this too would make a great sponsorship. It could also be beneficial in getting Wawa locations spread across the US.

Vineyard Vines

This one is for all the sports-loving fraternity and sorority kids. The clothing brand originated in Martha's Vineyard, MA, and is most popular along the East Coast. College students would love to see this brand as a sponsor of the ACC.