3 truths Virginia Tech men's basketball fans don't want to hear

It has been an up-and-down 2023-24 season for the Virginia Tech men's basketball team and here are three truths that Hokies fans don't want to hear.
Georgia Tech v Virginia Tech
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2. Sean Pedulla is not totally to blame for his turnover struggles

Turnovers lately have been an issue for Pedulla. He struggled during a stretch last month with turnovers against Miami (six), Virginia (seven), North Carolina State (seven), and Boston College (six). Surprisingly, the Hokies split those games. He turned things around against Georgia Tech and Duke with one in each game, but he turned the ball over seven more times in Miami and a lot of them in the second half led to points for the Hurricanes. 

Coach Mike Young is putting a lot on Pedulla’s shoulders by having the ball in his hands for well over 30 minutes a game. Yes, he has been able to shoot the ball, get downhill to the basket, and dish the rock for assists, but in the overall picture, there is no depth behind them Young can trust. Losing Rice before the season started was a huge loss and freshman Brandon Rechsteiner has struggled with his health and illnesses to not be available consistently. Hunter Cattoor and MJ Collins are good guards, but not ball handlers.