3 burning questions for Virginia Tech Women's Basketball in 2024 offseason

It's going to be an interesting offseason for the Hokies women's basketball program and here are three burning questions facing them.
Virginia Tech v Baylor
Virginia Tech v Baylor / Ryan Hunt/GettyImages

The end of the 2023-24 season came a lot earlier than the Virginia Tech women's basketball team and their fans were hoping for. One year after going to their first-ever Final Four, the Hokies, who lost Elizabeth Kitley to a torn ACL in the third quarter of a game on March 3 at Virginia, were edged by Baylor, 75-72, Sunday night in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Now that the offseason is officially here, there are a lot of questions surrounding the Hokies for 2024-25. Kitley, Cayla King and Olivia Summiel have played their final game in college, but after the two games over the weekend, there certainly a lot to be excited for in the future with the play of some of the younger players. In this day and age in college sports, the transfer portal is become huge and quick way for yeams to reload for the following season, but it also can take away players. Here are three burning questions surrounding Virginia Tech for the 2024 offseason.

1. Does Kenny Brooks stay or leave?

Kenny Brooks
Miami v Virginia Tech / Lance King/GettyImages

Last week, it was reported that Brooks had become the top target for the opening at Kentucky. He dodged the question when asked ahead of the NCAA Tournament, but now that the season is over, let the speculation begin. Understandably, Brooks would be at the top of schools looking to make a splash with a new coach, and what he has done at Virginia Tech has been nothing short of amazing. You hope that the play of the younger players entices him to stay, but you have to think that Virginia Tech AD Whit Babcock will have to pony up more money to keep him if he's lured away. We'll see how this plays out. You would think that a decision would come sooner rather than later with the impact of the transfer portal.

2. Does Georgia Amoore come back?

Georgia Amoore, Jada Walker
Virginia Tech v Baylor / Ryan Hunt/GettyImages

The second biggest question behind Brooks is Amoore who has one year of eligibility left. Does she come back for one more season or does she enter the WNBA Draft? As much as Virginia Tech fans would love to have her back for one more year, it is understandable if she chooses to go to the next level. If she comes back, it would be big for the Hokies, but this is a decision that won't be surprising either way. Like Brooks, this decision should come rather quickly as well.

3. How does the transfer portal shake out?

Matilda Ekh, Abby Beeman
Virginia Tech v Marshall / Ryan Hunt/GettyImages

Last offseason, the Hokies hit the portal, and Summiel and Matilda Ekh made the biggest contributions. Summiel was inserted into the starting lineup as the season went along and what an addition she was. She was going to light up a scoresheet, but she did a lot of the little things that sometimes go unnoticed. Brooks referred to her after beating North Carolina at home for having a "Dennis Rodman type of game.'' That is what she did it almost a nightly basis and she did it well. Ekh shot the ball well for Virginia Tech during the season and struggled down the stretch of the regular season and in the ACC Tournament, but she shot the ball very well in the NCAA Tournament. There are bound to be changes with some current Hokies likely heading into the portal, but there are sure to be some additions under whoever the coach is.

It almost a guarantee that there are going to be changes and what those are remain to be seen. Whatever happens, it's certainly going to be an interesting offseason in Blacksburg.