Virginia Tech Football: 2021 Recruiting Class Spring Review

Virginia Tech football came out of the 2021 recruiting class with the 45th ranked class for football. Which sounds great, but it was only good enough for 10th in the ACC. This was one of the better showings for ACC in recent recruiting classes. How did this class unfold?

The Hokies 2021 Football class did not land a single five-star prospect this year which is not that bad considering only six total went to the ACC three to Clemson, two to Miami, and one to UNC. Where the Hokies failed miserably was getting four-star prospects, they got none. So in 2021, they did not sign a four or five-star player. However, they did get 27 total three stars.

This is a slight concern after last year, and the fact the team and head coach seem to be going in the wrong direction overall.

What also does not help the situation is the rise of the ACC. It is taking over the Big-12 and the PAC-12 for the third most valuable league, behind the SEC and B1G. Virginia Tech needed a solid showing out of this class to make up for recruiting issues the year before when they came in dead last in recruiting rankings in the ACC. Yes, that means behind teams like Boston College and Wake Forest.

So who all did the Hokies get in this 2021 class, and can we see a star?

Out of the ten players who have enrolled so far in school, we see;

Linebacker- Justin Hollifield 6-foot 3 225 pounds he came in 29th at the position and 32 in the state of North Carolina. He was the highest-rated recruit for the Hokies.

Safety- Jalen Stroman 6-foot-1 190 pounds he came in 57th at the position and 16th in the state of Virginia.

Wide Receiver- Jaylen Jones 5-foot-10 175 pounds he came in 120th at the position and 18th in the state of Virginia.

Athlete- Da`Wain Lofton 5-foot-10 175 pounds he came in at 65th in his position and 128th in the state of Texas. Look for him to be a wide receiver.

Athlete- Nykelius Johnson 5-foot-11 and 180 pounds who came in at 75th in the position and 13th in the state of South Carolina. Look for him to be a corner or safety.

Safety- Jalen Hoyle 6-foot-0 and 180 pounds he came in 90th at the position and 21st in the state of New Jersey. Though if he gets bigger in the 205-pound range over his freshman year, he could end up at linebacker.

Linebacker- Isi Etue 6-foot-3 and 205 pounds he came in 66th at the position and 39th in the state of Virginia.

Safety- Da`Shawn Elder 6-foot-1 and 200 pounds he came out of a military academy.

Tight End- Jared Gibble 6-foot-4 and 225 pounds he came in 90th at the position and 71st in the state of North Carolina. This could be the breakout player of the class with solid speed and size, he can also block.

Offensive Guard- Danijel Miletic 6-foot-3 and 290 pounds coming out of Germany. He was 96th at the position.

17 more players have signed letters of intent, but have yet to enroll in school. So we will see how many of the 17 are here by August. Virginia Tech also landed seven transfers. Jordan Williams is the most notable as he was a four-star player coming out of high school, he transferred from Clemson.