Christian Beyer Should Get Regular Playing Time


Dec 20, 2014; Blacksburg, VA, USA; Citadel Bulldogs guard Tim Broom (13) drives to the basket against Virginia Tech Hokies forward Christian Beyer (22) and guard Ahmed Hill (13) during the first half at Cassell Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Christian Beyer has struggled to find playing time in a lot of games this season especially in the last few weeks with the beginning of ACC play. Beyer is definitely not the most talented player on the Hokies’ roster, but Beyer does one thing better than any other player on the roster.

Beyer works harder in a game than any other player on the Virginia Tech roster, and possibly every player in the ACC.

The energy that Beyer can bring to a game can help the Hokies get some momentum though Notre Dame just didn’t to seem to miss much against Virginia Tech.

However, Beyer brought a big spark off the bench in this game with his 7 points and 3 rebounds in only 7 minutes. The fact that Beyer put up those type of numbers in only 7 minutes when Notre Dame still had their starters on the floor is something that definitely should be noticed.

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Christian Beyer has only played 12 minutes so far in ACC play, but Beyer’s 7 minutes against Notre Dame were impressive in many ways. Beyer was very active all over the floor on defense with the hustle to get back quickly, and provide some quality help defense in some cases.

Beyer consistently brings the type of energy that Buzz Williams wants to see in his players, and has seen his minutes slowly but steadily increase over the last three games. Beyer’s talent is not what earned him the playing time he has received, but the effort that he has shown whenever he touches the floor.

Beyer is not too bad of a player from a talent perspective either, and should get the chance to get regular playing time of around 10 to 12 minutes per game.

Beyer might not be able to be the only big man on the floor, but he can provide the Hokies with some bigger looks that could help in some games. Beyer has proven that he can stretch the floor some on offense while also doing a good job of working hard to get some easy buckets.

Christian Beyer proved against Notre Dame that he should get regular playing time.

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