Virginia Tech Women's Basketball: Clara Strack's breakout, Kenny Brooks message, Baylor

It was an impressive beginning to the NCAA Tournament for the Virginia Tech women against Marshall as they get ready for Baylor Sunday.
Virginia Tech v Marshall
Virginia Tech v Marshall / Ryan Hunt/GettyImages
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Kenny Brooks got his message across ahead of the game

Brooks knew that going into the game his team was going to face pressure for 40 minutes against Marshall. Just how Georgia Amoore, Carleigh Wenzel, Cayla King, and anyone else who handled the ball fared against the Thundering Hurds pressure would go a long way into determining the result.

Virginia Tech turned the ball over 15 times, but with the shots they were making, the defense they were playing, and the lead they built, they were able to withstand the pressure. Leading into the game during the week in practice, Brooks gave his team a unique message on how to prepare for it.

"“I said it’s like you’re in recess and you’re the fifth-graders and the second-graders want to come play the game and they want to run after you. They’re just going to try and get the ball and run after you because they’re not as big as you are, and they’re going to do things to be in position to steal the ball.

“It almost was like a lightbulb went off. And everything we were doing was very unorthodox, but they got it. They understood it, and when we got out here and got to see the speed and feel what the game was going to be like, I thought they handled it very well.”"

Kenny Brooks

Message sent, message received and they now get to prepare for another game Sunday night against Baylor.