Virginia Tech men's basketball projected 2024-25 starting lineup

With a massive overhaul to the Virginia Tech men's basketball roster for the 2024-25 season, what will the starting lineup looking like when the season starts in early November?
Georgia Tech v Virginia Tech
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Ben Burnham. 447. . . . Ben Burnham. F. ACC. player.

Speaking of other shooters on the Hokies' roster for next season, enter College of Charleston transfer Ben Burnham. He was a key shooter and contributor for Pat Kelsey and he shot 35% from behind the arc while shooting 60% around the basket. In comparison to last season's roster, he can be a better Robbie Beran as a shooter and rebounder.

His ability to step outside and shoot the ball will free things up offensively for Virginia Tech and he will be key when it comes to spacing. Rebounding on the defensive end will be key for Hokies and Burnham is someone who could be at both ends of the floor. He was one of the first transfer portal commitments that Young got.