Virginia Tech Football: 3 burning questions as spring practices begin

Here are three burning questions facing Brent Pry and his staff as spring practices start.

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Can the incoming freshman push the returners at wide receiver?

One area where the Hokies bring back a ton of production and experience is at wide receiver. Ali Jennings, Stephen Gosnell, Da’Quan Felton, and Jaylin Lane are coming back for Drones. The Hokies QB and his receivers have been working out together already this season and will be well ahead in terms of forming connections and getting to learn each other than last season. This is going to be huge once the 2024 season begins.

While they return a ton of talent, two incoming freshmen should push the veterans and that is something to watch in spring practices. Keylen Adams and Chanz Wiggins are already enrolled and ready to go for spring practices. Wiggins got a jump on things ahead of the Hokies Military Bowl game against Tulane University by spending time with Virginia Tech in Annapolis, Maryland at their pre-bowl practices. Both receivers come to Blacksburg with a lot of potential and it wouldn’t be surprising if they get some snaps in the fall.