Ranking ACC 2024 football schedules by difficulty: How tough is Virginia Tech's?

Who has the hardest schedule in the ACC in 2024?
Virginia Tech v Florida State
Virginia Tech v Florida State / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages
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15. ACC. . . . . . . 453.

  • SMU 2024 schedule: at Nevada, vs. Houston Christian, vs. BYU, vs. TCU, vs. Florida State, at Louisville, at Stanford, at Duke, vs. Pittsburgh, vs. Boston College, at Virginia, vs. California

The front end of the schedule is very good for the Mustangs, but the middle is by far the toughest stretch with road games at Louisville, Stanford, and Duke. Hope they have a lot of frequent flyer miles, yikes. A home game against Boston College in November will be very interesting as the Eagles beat SMU in the Wasabi Fenway Bowl in December.