Ranking ACC 2024 football schedules by difficulty: How tough is Virginia Tech's?

Who has the hardest schedule in the ACC in 2024?
Virginia Tech v Florida State
Virginia Tech v Florida State / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages
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. 7. ACC. . . . . . 447.

  • Virginia Tech 2024 schedule: at Vanderbilt, vs. Marshall, at Old Dominion, vs. Rutgers, at Miami, at Stanford, vs. Boston College, vs. Georgia Tech, at Syracuse, vs. Clemson, at Duke, vs. Virginia

Expectations are high in Blacksburg for the 2024 season with all the retainment head coach Brent Pry got along with some transfers that could make a huge impact. If the offense stays healthy, they could put up some serious points with quarterback Kyron Drones. A trip to Syracuse in early November could be a big trap game ahead of hosting Clemson.