Predicting how many ACC teams will make the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

How many teams will the ACC get in the 2024 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament?
Florida Atlantic v Charlotte
Florida Atlantic v Charlotte / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages
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North Carolina, Duke

This should not be a surprise with both the Tar Heels and Blue Devils basically locked into the dance. They have the first of two key meetings this weekend and those results could go a long way into determining who the regular season conference champion is. The first matchup is at North Carolina on Saturday night.

Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports tweeted last weekend after Clemson lost at Duke on two free throws that the conference might only get two teams in the NCAA Tournament. That would leave a lot of teams looking for an NIT bid. It would be a tough look for the conference if it does end up playing out that way. It’s hard to envision that if a team puts together a consistent and strong second half the conference would still only get two teams so there is still a lot to be left to decide before the end of the ACC Tournament in the middle of March.