ACC realignment dangled makes very little sense ahead of FSU & Clemson chatter

It feels like it's only a matter of time before Florida State and Clemson leave the ACC, but a floated ACC realignment option makes little sense for the conference.
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Beginning this season, the ACC is welcoming Stanford, California, and SMU into the conference, but there will likely be more movement in the not-too-distant future. It's no secret that Florida State and Clemson are itching to leave and head to either the SEC, Big Ten, or the Big 12.

With the calendar turning to July, conference media days are coming fast and you can bet that there will be a ton of chatter at all of them regarding FSU and Clemson and what the future might hold for them. If they end up leaving the conference, as expected at some point, the future of the ACC will be up in the air higher than it is now. Commissioner Jim Phillips will be tasked with finding replacements and that won't be easy. Vincent Pensabene of Sportskeeda floated three schools for the ACC down the line and honestly, they make very little sense.

Writer proposes ACC additions that make very little sense in expansion if FSU & Clemson leave

Pensabene proposed that if and when Florida State and Clemson leave the ACC, Phillips should consider Boise State, Air Force, and UNLV being on the radar of the conference commissioner. First off, it's hard to envision Air Force getting into a power conference before Army or Navy, but stranger things have happened. Second, Boise State and UNLV make little sense for the ACC and would be better off joining the Big 12 or even Big Ten before considering the ACC.

Oregon State and Washington State are two PAC-12 schools that were left out of realignment this cycle and agreed to a deal with the Mountain West Conference for scheduling purposes, but just how long could they survive that? You would have to think that the Beavers and Cougars would be better off breaking away after two seasons and looking to build another conference out West with the three aforementioned schools that Pensabene floated.

Expansion talk is going to ramp up fast over the next month and who knows, we might have some answers soon, but Air Force, UNLV and Boise State are schools with noted athletic programs, but it makes little sense for them to join the ACC for everyone involved.