ACC Men's Basketball: Another week of havoc shakes up the latest power rankings

Upsets shake up the latest power rankings heading into the final week of the regular season.
Louisville v Duke
Louisville v Duke / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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. . . . . 8-10 ACC. 9. 447. ACC. 15-14

It was a split decision for the Hokies, losing to a hot Syracuse team, then rallying to beat Wake Forest at home. They have a chance to close out the regular season with a pair of winnable games this week.

Last week: No. 10

Games this week: March 5 at Louisville, March 9 vs. Notre Dame

. . 15-14. 9-9 ACC. . 435. ACC. . 8.

The Seminoles picked up a big win over NC State but found out just how tough Georgia Tech is at home.

Last week: No. 9

Games this week: March 5 at Pittsburgh, March 9 vs. Miami

. 446. ACC. 12-7 ACC. 7. . . . . 21-9

Things are falling apart for the Cavaliers late in the season and it feels like they need to win their final against Georgia Tech and then win a game or two in the ACC Tournament to lock in an NCAA Tournament berth.

Last week: No. 6

Games this week: March 9 vs. Georgia Tech