ACC Basketball Power Rankings: Virginia, NC State rise & Virginia Tech, Syracuse fall

There was movement in the recent ACC Men's Basketball Power Rankings this week, including Virginia and North Carolina State rising, while Virginia Tech and Syracuse fall.
Virginia Tech v Virginia
Virginia Tech v Virginia / Ryan M. Kelly/GettyImages
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ACC. 12-9. 6-4. . 6. . . . . 435

After winning six of their first eight ACC games, the Seminoles are coming back to earth. After losing at home last Saturday to North Carolina, they traveled to Louisville Saturday night and had the Cardinals drop 100 on them.

Last week: No. 5

Games this week: Feb. 6 vs Boston College, Feb. 10 vs. Virginia

15-7. 5. 442. . . . 7-4. . . ACC

The Wolfpack continue to ride the wave of ups and downs in conference play. Wins over Miami and Georgia Tech set them up for an opportunity this week to make a bigger move in the standings.

Last week: No. 9

Games this week: Feb. 7 vs. Pittsburgh, Feb. 10 at Wake Forest

ACC. 14-7. . . 448. . 4. . . 6-4

The Demon Deacons split last week's games but got an impressive win over Syracuse to bounce back from a loss at Pittsburgh.

Last week: No. 4

Games this week: Feb. 6 at Georgia Tech, Feb. 10 vs. North Carolina State