3 truths Virginia Tech men's basketball fans don't want to hear

It has been an up-and-down 2023-24 season for the Virginia Tech men's basketball team and here are three truths that Hokies fans don't want to hear.
Georgia Tech v Virginia Tech
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3. Virginia Tech is not an NCAA Tournament team

As is, the Hokies are going to have to go on a run like they did a couple of years ago in the ACC Tournament where they won it to get into the NCAA Tournament. At 13-9 and 5-6 in the conference, they are fading fast in the tournament conversation. They have some chances for Quad 1 wins coming up, but even their “winnable’’ road games are going to be tough. Notre Dame has been playing people tough at home and Louisville just dropped 101 points on Florida State Saturday night. As they have found out this season, nothing in the ACC is going to be easy for the most part at home or away.

Don’t get me wrong, Virginia Tech does have some good wins on their resume. Wins over Boise State and Iowa State in the ESPN Events Invitational in November during Thanksgiving Weekend are looking like very good wins every week. They beat Clemson at home, a team that is hanging around in most NCAA Tournament projections, but after that, good wins are few and far between. In the end, this is likely another NIT season in Blacksburg for Young and his team.