3 schools Virginia Tech fans would kick out of the ACC

What do these three school bring to the ACC?
Wasabi Fenway Bowl - SMU v Boston College
Wasabi Fenway Bowl - SMU v Boston College / Brian Fluharty/GettyImages
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Boston College Eagles

Speaking of a program with nowhere to go if the ACC breaks up for good, enter the Boston College Eagles. In the overall bigger picture, I never understood the move by both the ACC and BC to come into the conference. Like Syracuse, the Eagles had a good thing going in the Big East days, but there are no rivarlies in the ACC for them.

Sure, both Syracuse and BC fan bases will say that they have a Northeast rivalry, but that does and means nothing for the rest of the conference. Gone are the Bill Curley Eagles and their Elite Eight run in 1994 as their basketball program has turned into a big pile of sub .500. On the gridiron, they struggle mightily to come close to filling Alumni Stadium as was the case last Novemeber when Virginia Tech went up there and blasted the eagles, 48-22, in front of a half-filled stadium. No hoem field advanatge what-so-ever.

Jeff Hafley was the latest Boston College coach to see the writing on the wall and jumped in February to the NFL to become the defensive coordinator of the Green Bay Packers. Bill O'Brien returns to the college game to take over, but he has some work to do to bring them back to the days of Doug Flutie and Matt Ryan, the one ACC Championship Game they made since joining the conference. Oh and that night, Virginia Tech beat them, 30-16 in 2007. If there is a program that belongs in the Group of 5, it's certainly Boston College.