Virginia Tech Hokies: Softball Ends, Baseball Enters NCAA Tournament

After one of their most successful regular seasons of all time, the Virginia Tech Softball team just couldn’t find the success they were looking for in the postseason. After falling early in the ACC Tournament, the Hokies still found themselves the No. 3 seed headed into the NCAA Tournament.

After more than a few nasty weather delays before their games and some issues with illegal pitches during the games, the Hokies fell much earlier than they wanted to, losing a decisive Super Regional game to the Florida Gators, 12-0 on Sunday.

Their season may be over, but there’s still been so much to celebrate. Stunning victories, no hitters, impressive accolades – this Virginia Tech Softball season was one for the books.

As they say goodbye to many players, we say thank you.

Meanwhile, the Virginia Tech baseball team is ready for their chance to take on the NCAA Tournament. The NCAA Baseball timeline is a few weeks behind the softball timeline, so although the Lady Hokies already played a few weekends of the national tourney, the baseball team just found out their selection seed – and it was a good one.

They are the No. 4 seed overall (a program record), making their first postseason appearance in almost a decade (2013).

Not only that, but they will follow in the footsteps of the softball team by hosting a Blacksburg Regional, where they will play host to No. 12 Gonzaga, Columbia, and Wright State.

The baseball team will try to lay down the hammer on these opponents and continue to the Super Regional round.