Clemson Vs. Virginia Tech Second Half Thread

Feb 21, 2017; Blacksburg, VA, USA; Clemson Tigers forward Donte Grantham (15) drives to the basket while being defended by Virginia Tech Hokies forward Zach LeDay (32) in the first half at Cassell Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports
Feb 21, 2017; Blacksburg, VA, USA; Clemson Tigers forward Donte Grantham (15) drives to the basket while being defended by Virginia Tech Hokies forward Zach LeDay (32) in the first half at Cassell Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports /

Virginia Tech leads the Clemson Tigers 41-38 at halftime in what has been a back-and-forth affair so far. The Hokies are shooting 15-of-25 from the field, including 8-of-12 from three, while the Tigers are shooting 14-of-25 from the floor, including 5-of-8 from deep.

Who says you have to play defense?

The game preview from Chris can be found here, while the entire first half thread can be found here.

Action Prior to Under 16 Media Timeout

  • The key to the second half may very well be rebounding. In a game with little to no defense, a strong rebounding effort to capitalize on second chance points may very well be the difference.
  • Excellent sequence there by Justin Bibbs, as he showed great help defense before throwing an alley-oop to Ahmed Hill on the other end. Great work by LeDay on the glass to set up the fast break as well.
  • Hokies starting to get some stops defensively which is encouraging, but the rebounding will continue to be key. One stat to watch: The Tigers already have seven offensive rebounds in the second half.
  • Despite this, the Hokies have their largest lead of the game at five as we hit the under 16 timeout.

Action Prior to Under 12 Media Timeout

  • Well here’s a stat for you if you’re a Hokies fan (which all of you are):
  • Despite getting crushed on the glass, the Hokies have won a good number of 50-50 balls and have done the little things defensively, as they have now drawn their second charge of the half. with 14:04 to play.
  • With 13:30 to play, Dino Gaudio just commented on the telecast that Clemson has not scored in almost six minutes. Hokies lead 50-43 at this juncture.
  • At the under 12 timeout, the Hokies hold a 54-49 lead. With the Tigers not scoring in quite some time there, it’s unfortunate that the Hokies couldn’t get a little more separation. This may go right down to the wire.

Action Prior to Under 8 Media Timeout

  • Clemson scores four quick points out of the timeout. Robinson and Allen with a handful of terrible turnovers to start the run for the Tigers, who have cut the lead to one.
  • After the quick run by the Tigers, LeDay hits a big time three on the pick and pop. He has been fantastic tonight on both ends of the court.
  • After another Clemson turnover, Robinson hits another timely three and the lead is back out to seven at 60-53. What a huge sequence that was by LeDay and Robinson, could be the turning point when we look back at this one in the recap.

Action Prior to Under 4 Media Timeout

  • Hokies are simply not scoring when LeDay is on the bench…very interesting decision for Buzz to leave LeDay at the scorer’s table coming out of the media timeout.
  • LeDay checks back in the game with just under seven minutes to play, but Clemson has cut the lead to three.
  • I keep bringing up LeDay, but he continues to be fantastic tonight. He makes a strong play on defense and converts an up-and-under on the other end that was converted into a three point play.
  • Story so far is that for every Clemson run, the Hokies have responded with a run of their own on the other end. Excellent resilience tonight by Buzz’s club.
  • Well that wasn’t good. Clemson gets out in transition after a couple of Hokies misses and the Tigers take the lead. Some big buckets for the Tigers in that stretch.

Action Prior to End of Regulation

  • The difference in this recent scoring stretch in which the Tigers grabbed the lead, is the fact that the Hokies have started settling for jump shots, while the Clemson offense has consisted of taking the ball to the rim. Keep an eye on that down the wire here.
  • WHY DOES ALLEN DO THAT?!?!? He gets caught in the air and throws up a horrible shot on the fast break to avoid the traveling call.
  • Excellent ball reversal by the Hokies after a huge rebound to flip the possession. Bibbs capitalizes with a huge three to put the Hokies back out in front.
  • Hokies get a much needed stop and once again win a 50/50 ball. Seth Allen dives on the floor and gets the timeout. Virginia Tech continues to do the little things tonight which could end up being the difference.
  • Bibbs hustles for a rebound attempt and goes down grabbing his knee. This is the LAST thing the Hokies need.
  • Reed scored five straight points for Clemson, the last of which being an uncontested baseline runner. Clemson holds a 70-68 lead with Bibbs only 16.8 seconds to play.
  • Allen misses a layup out of the timeout that would have tied the game, but after a loose ball stays with the Hokies, Allen hits a three with 3.8 to play to give the Hokies the lead. WOW.
  • Hokies get a steal on a desperation play from halfcourt and Virginia Tech wins 71-70. Big Shot Seth strikes again.