Virginia Tech Football: 3 Keys to beating Ohio State

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Nov 28, 2014; Blacksburg, VA, USA; Virginia Tech Hokies quarterback

Michael Brewer

(12) looks to pass in the second quarter at Lane Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Execute Execute Execute

This key may sound a little redundant, however in the Hokies case it is extremely important. Last season the Hokies had a very large problem executing on the offensive end of the field, which cost them dearly in close conference games. Against the Buckeyes small mistakes which plagued the Hokies offense could turn into the problems which keep coaches up at night.

Michael Brewer was an excellent game manager last season against the Buckeyes, however a similar performance might be asking a little much. Even without the presence of one of the best pass rushers in college football, in Joey Bosa, the pressure on the offensive line is off the charts.

Brewer showed last season he was a more than capable quarterback, when given the proper amount of time in the pocket. If the offensive line can’t come together and gel into a cohesive unit, Brewer could once again be running for his life. Believe me Ohio State secondary has watched the film from last year, and will be determined to limit his explosive playmaking skills when the pocket breaks down.

Also, the penalty situation will need to be cleaned up from last year, which goes back to the offensive line being able to execute properly. The Hokies can little afford a big holding penalty to negate would be drive continuing play.

The offense is not the only part of the team which will need to execute in order to raise the chances of a Hokie victory. The Defense as I mentioned before will need to execute Bud Foster’s scheme to slow down the high powered Ohio State offense. One defensive player out of position could be the difference in a play going for no gain, or being a huge gainer.

Andrew Motuapuaka will have to be able to recognize the offensive alignment of the Buckeyes in order to get the Hokies into the proper alignment defensively. His job is one that I would not like to have as a lot of the Hokies success on defense could depend on how well Motuapuaka is able to recognize the Buckeye’s sets and audible to the correct alignment. One thing is for sure execution on both sides of the ball is going to huge for the Hokies, and very well could determine the outcome of ballgame.

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