Virginia Tech Football: J.C. Coleman is ready to shine this season


In this impact player preview we take a look on one of the smallest players on the roster.  J.C. Coleman may be small in size but he plays like a man at least twice his size. 

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The Hokies backfield is an extremely crowded position as of late. Frank Beamer is enjoying a stable of solid backs who can line up behind Michael Brewer. However, the smallest of the group may be the most impressive.  J.C. Coleman has had his share of disappointments when it comes to playing time in the past.

Coleman was buried on the depth chart last year behind two talented freshman backs.  He was also battling for playing time with another talented back in Trey Edmunds. Did Coleman get down or stop working hard, the answer is no. Instead he was always ready, and when his opportunity came he seized it.

J.C. Coleman took the reigns as the Hokies starter in the backfield, and made his presence immediately known.  When Coleman entered the starting line up the Hokies were averaging just over 3.5 yards per carry.  Coleman raised that average to 6.4 yards per carry.

The 5-foot-6 tailback also became an upperclassman leader on an extremely young Hokies offense, which in my opinion is what the team needed. Coleman I believe was one of the Hokies directly responsible for keeping Virgina Tech’s bowl game streak intact with his play. Without the rushing attack of Coleman the offense would have surely stalled out at the end of the season.

So you might ask how does a player as small as J.C. Coleman become such an effective runner.  Don’t let Coleman’s size fool you he is a beast in the weight room, which allows him to be a wrecking ball when he hits the running lanes. Coleman recently front squatted 465 pounds, which set a new Virginia Tech record.  This is a very impressive feat considering Coleman weighs in at under 200 pounds.

This season Coleman comes in as the firm opening day starter, a move which I believe is the correct one.  J.C. Coleman is a back that will be able to lead the Hokies this season. Coleman’s running style should mix nicely with other backs in the Hokies fold.

I look for Coleman to carry over his success from the end of last season into this one, and be an important part of the resurrection of the Hokies rushing attack. They say dynamite comes in small packages.  J.C. Coleman may be small but he promises to pack a very large punch this season.

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