12 Players to Watch This Season: The Hokies Offensive Line


Well Hokie fans I might have cheated a little bit in this player to watch post.  In this post instead of picking not just one player to focus on, I instead picked an entire group who will without a shadow of a doubt play a huge part in the success, or failure of the Hokies this season.

That group is the group responsible for opening holes for the rushing attack, and keeping Michael Brewer in an upright position.  This group is the Hokies Offensive Line.

The Hokies Offensive Line has been a group which has come under extreme scrutiny.  Last season the Hokies line was near the bottom in most offensive categories, as was the offense in general.

This anemic performance can be attributed to some not so stellar play by the big bodies up front.  The Hokies Offensive Line seemed to have a problem with continuity, as they were not able to get on the same page.

This issue was caused by injuries, which plagued the line as well as the multitude of procedure penalties which stopped momentum of offensive drives and frustrated the young group.

This year’s group is made up of most of the same players from last year’s group of lineman.  This version of the Hokies Offensive Line is led by Wyatt Teller, Johathan McLaughlin, and Wade Hansen.

Augie Conte and Eric Gallo also join the mix to help round out what fans can be happy to know is a somewhat experienced group.  The most experienced linemen of the group are Conte and McLaughlin.  Both are juniors, and have had experience amassing several starts, however the leader of the group will have to be Wyatt Teller.

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Teller will be depended on to bring the Hokies Offensive Line together to create success for the season.  The line will need to avoid the injury bug as well to create the consistency they will need as a group.

The group will also need to up the penalties, which plagued the group all year last season.  The penalties were drive killers in many cases.

Not only would the drive stall but it would put the defense in a horrible position, as the punter most times would be kicking from near his own endzone.

The Hokies Offensive Line I believe will be much improved as they get more time together.  All the starters have playing time experience, because of the injuries.  The first game of the year will be a huge test for the Hokies young line.

Ohio State will be bringing the heat against Michael Brewer, and protection will be key.  Also, along those lines opening running lanes for J.C Coleman and company will help keep the Buckeye defense honest.  A strong rushing attack will help open up the passing game for the talent Hokie receivers.

With high hopes for stellar play by a talented group the Hokies Offensive Line will have a lot to live up to.  I have no doubt Wyatt Teller and company will be up to the task.  After all if the Hokies are to have success this season the offensive line will have to stand and deliver.

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