12 Players to watch this Season: Brandon Facyson


As the season opener is less than two weeks away the excitement is building in Hokie Nation.  This season there are multiple players to pay attention to as the games unfold.  Leading up to the season opener with Ohio State I will give you twelve different players to keep a close eye on as playmakers this season.  The first one of these players is Brandon Facyson.

Brandon Facyson is part of an extremely talented defensive backfield.  Facyson, however, was injured last year putting a damper on his development from a stellar performance as a freshman.  Facyson came into the program slightly overshadowed by his defensive counterpart, Kendall Fuller.

Facyson was talented as a freshman, but was not expected to have an immediate impact on the team.  However, with an injury to Kyle Fuller early in the season Facyson was given an opportunity, which he took full advantage of.  As a freshman, Brandon Facyson was named to second team Freshman All American and finished the season with 5 interceptions and 27 tackles.

Brandon Facyson was going to be depended on to be a huge contributor as a sophomore.  However, a shin injury hampered him the entire season, and ultimately led to Facyson missing the biggest majority of the season.  Missing their other bookend corner back definitely hurt the Hokies defensive strategy at times last season.  Facyson, along with Kendall Fuller, has the ability shut down half the field.

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This season Facyson will depended on to use that ability as the Hokies look to have one of the best defenses in the country.  It is my belief; if Facyson is healthy he will be up to the challenge.  However, every game will bring a big challenge for the red-shirt sophomore, as more than likely teams will place their best receiver on his side of the field to avoid Fuller.  How nice would it be for Bud Foster to have not one, but two defensive backs that were shut down corners and could take away half the field?  If this becomes the case the better question would be where would the opposing quarterback go with the ball?

Brandon Facyson is just one of twelve Hokies we will be watching this season with a sharp eye.  However, Facyson will be under extra scrutiny as there are some talented younger players just waiting for an opportunity to shine.  They are waiting for an opportunity similar to the one Facyson cashed in, whether he lets that happen or not one can only watch and see.