Hokie Legend Bill Roth Leaves Virginia Tech for UCLA


Virginia Tech fans today is a very sad day for this Hokie fan.  A major part of my fondest memories from Hokies games growing up is coming to an end.  As many of you fans are aware, the beloved voice of the Hokies, Bill Roth, is leaving his post of 27 years for the west coast.  Roth is leaving the Hokies announcing booth for a similar post with the UCLA Bruins.  The departure is at the very least a huge surprise and a source of great disappointment around Hokie nation.

Roth may have never taken a snap in a Virginia Tech uniform, but he is just as important to the history of the program as any player to ever run out of the tunnel.  He was so important that the Hokies inducted him into the Virginia Tech sports Hall of Fame.  As a fan, I can honestly say I can’t remember a time in Virginia Tech football, where the games were not called by the smooth voice of Mr. Roth.  Roth started as the play by play announcer for the Hokies as a fresh faced 22 year old.  Over his 27 year career with the Hokies, Roth was a part of some of the most exciting games in Virginia Tech history.

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Growing up I remember a time when the Hokies were not always on television every weekend.  I was extremely lucky growing up to have season tickets to the Hokies with my family, but on those Saturdays when the Hokies were on the road Bill Roth brought the game to life for my father and me.  We would gather around the radio and listen for Bill Roth to start his broadcast with his famous phrase “From the Blue Waters of the Chesapeake Bay to the Hills of Tennessee, the Virginia Tech Hokies are on the air!”

I can say, that even today hearing those words almost gets me as excited for Virginia Tech football as hearing “Enter Sandman” blaring in Lane stadium.  Growing up Bill Roth made going to games at Lane Stadium that much better.  Listening to the game on my portable headphones while watching the game live always made the game seem that much better.  Roth had a knack at explaining the game in a way even the youngest of his listeners could understand.

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The amount of games Roth called for the Hokies is vast, as he was the voice of not only the football team but the basketball team as well.  However, most of his more memorable calls came from the football field.  Virginia Tech put together a list of his most memorable calls, I highly recommend any Hokie fan to look at the list, and take a stroll down memory lane with Mr Roth.  I know it brought back some fond memories for myself, especially the “Give it to me Roscoe, Give it to me” call from a Hokie win over Miami.

I can honestly say Bill Roth made growing up a Hokie fan that much better.  He will be missed in the booth this fall.  His iconic ‘Touchdown Tech” will be the part I miss the most.  Bill Roth was a true professional and a great broadcaster.  The UCLA Bruins are getting a great announcer, and I wish him nothing but the best in his new career endeavor.  Bill Roth will call his final game for the Hokies this Saturday, for the Hokies Spring game.  I would encourage everyone to listen, I know I will be.  I will be among many hoping to hear “Touchdown Tech” one last time.