Scot Loeffler Deserves to Stay for One More Season


Dec 27, 2014; Annapolis, MD, USA; Virginia Tech Hokies running back J.C. Coleman (4) runs with the ball during the third quarter of the 2014 Military Bowl against the Cincinnati Bearcats at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. Virginia Tech Hokies defeated Cincinnati Bearcats 33-17. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Virginia Tech Hokies finished off the season quite well with a strong 33-17 victory over the Cincinnati Bearcats in the 2014 Military Bowl. There has been some frustration this season, but there is plenty of optimism looking ahead to next season with the Hokies bringing back 15 starters along with the returns of Luther Maddy and Brandon Facyson.

One coach who has been a source of frustration for many has been offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler whose play calling has made you scratch your head. However, Loeffler’s play calling improved over the course of the Virginia game before having the best play calling he has had maybe in his career in the 2014 Military Bowl.

After yesterday, it seems like Loeffler actually deserves one more season to prove himself.

Michael Brewer did not do the best job of executing all of the passing plays, but Loeffler gave Brewer plenty of opportunities to push the ball 10 to 15 yards down the field. Loeffler also only had a couple players running shorter routes as third or fourth options if the main targets down the field were not open.

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Scot Loeffler built a good running game plan for the Hokies to make sure that J.C. Coleman could get the opportunities he needed to do damage. Loeffler also did a good job of getting creative on offense especially with the use of Greg Stroman on not only jet sweeps but also out of the backfield where he was fairly effective other than one big loss in the first half.

Loeffler did call a lot of post routes for Bucky Hodges when the Hokies got around the end zone, but they would have had more success on those plays if Brewer was better at throwing a higher arcing pass. Loeffler probably should have called less of those plays with Brewer as his quarterback, but trying to use Hodges’ height and vertical to his advantage made sense.

Loeffler is also doing a very good job of recruiting quarterbacks with Chris Durkin and Andrew Ford in the program, Logan Byrd committed to the Hokies from the Class of 2016, and Dwayne Lawson likely to join the Hokies from the Class of 2015. Lawson seems to be someone that could even compete for the starting job at fall practice if it is not decided this spring between Brewer, Brenden Motley, Ford, and Durkin.

Scot Loeffler deserves one more season in Blacksburg, but if the Virginia Tech offense disappoints next season, and Loeffler’s play calling regresses once again, the Hokies will have to make a change.

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