Wyatt Teller is Virginia Tech’s Best Offensive Lineman


Nov 15, 2014; Durham, NC, USA; Virginia Tech Hokies running back J.C. Coleman (4) runs the ball against the Duke Blue Devils at Wallace Wade Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

The Virginia Tech offensive line has had some major struggles this season with injuries playing a part and veteran linemen regressing as seniors. The Hokies finally made a significant change around midseason when Wyatt Teller replaced Caleb Farris in the starting lineup with Teller at left guard and David Wang at center.

Farris is back in the lineup at right guard now but Teller has locked down a starting spot for the forseeable future with his performance this season.

The Hokies had some success running the football with J.C. Coleman but there seemed to be a common theme for the most successful runs by Coleman. Coleman’s best runs came when the Hokies ran the ball to the left side either between the tackle and the guard, or the guard and the center. The one common theme in both those situations is left guard Wyatt Teller.

Teller did a great job getting leverage off the line of scrimmage and powering a defensive tackle out of the way to create a hole that Coleman was able to attack consistently. Teller stayed low off the line and use his full body instead of just his upper body which gave him an extra advantage on many rushing plays.

Teller wasn’t just a quality run blocker as he also did a good job helping give Michael Brewer a good amount of time in the pocket. Teller did a fairly good job neutralizes opposing defensive tackles for long periods of time while also helping out David Wang a little. Teller did get beat after 3 or 4 seconds on a couple of plays but was very good overall.

There has been some talk about potentially moving Teller to left tackle next season and while it is clear he has the athleticism to do that, it might not be the best move for the Hokies. Virginia Tech will be better at offensive tackle next season with Austin Clark and a healthy Jonathan McLaughlin.

Teller has the potential to be one of the best guards in the country and it just makes sense to keep him there. Maybe it’s beecause of the failures that the Hokies had moving David Wang to left guard and Caleb Farris to center but Teller has proven to be a quality left guard and the Hokies need some stability on the offensive line.

Wyatt Teller is currently the Hokies’ best offensive lineman and should stay at left guard in the long run instead of moving to left tackle. Teller has a bright future and has the potential to be an All-ACC guard in the future.