Hokies-Boston College Q&A With Joe Micik Of Soaring To Glory


Nov 2, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Virginia Tech Hokies wide receiver Demitri Knowles (80) tries to get by the Boston College Eagles defenders in the fourth quarter at Alumni Stadium. The Eagles defeated the Hokies 34-27. Mandatory Credit: Ed Wolfstein-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow, the Virginia Tech Hokies take on the Boston College Eagles in what will be a big game for the Hokies in terms of trying to keep their bowl streak alive. The Hokies have played well against the Eagles at home with Boston College’s last win at Lane Stadium coming with Matt Ryan on a Thursday Night in Blacksburg in 2007.

With the big game on Saturday, we were able to get some insight from Joe Micik, editor of FanSided’s Boston College site Soaring To Glory.

Here’s the insight we were able to get on the Eagles ahead of the Hokies’ game against them.

Q: What do you think of the job Steve Addazio has done so far at Chestnut Hill?

A: I think he’s done a fine job.  He has at least gotten us back to respectability, and done it almost immediately. Our goal is to contend for ACC championships again, and this team as presently constituted will not do that, but the recruiting has been good and we are at the stage where we can expect to make a bowl game every season or almost every season.

I did not buy the preseason predictions that saw us as a four, maybe five-win team, because I think those overrated the loss of guys like Andre Williams while underrating Boston College having one of the most veteran offensive lines in college football and discounting the existing talent we have at running back.

The defense was the wild card, and they have been better than I expected.  Addazio has not done a perfect job, but these kids are playing their tails off for him and it shows.  Just two years later, we are in far better shape than under Frank Spaziani, which is both a testament to how well Addazio has done, and how bad things actually were before he got here.

Q: What makes Tyler Murphy such a dangerous running threat at quarterback outside of his speed?

A: Murphy knows where the sticks are and is not afraid to take off.  It’s that confidence he has with the football that is very encouraging to us.  We have not had a guy like Murphy here at Boston College in a long time and for that reason, it is exciting to see what he can do.

He really does make the offense go — most quarterbacks do it with their arms, but he does it with his feet.  What makes him such a huge part of this running game is the fact that he knows he is capable of breaking off big runs all by himself.  Murphy can make that decision to go on the fly, and while some of his passing decisions have not been great, we have every confidence in him when he runs.

Q: How has Boston College built up such an experienced offensive line with tons of depth?

A: Boston College has always been able to get the offensive line recruits, even during the dark years of Spaziani, but the problem is that during his reign of terror, the player development was a joke.  Our offensive line coach was horrible and O-Line U looked more like No-Line U.

In that sense, our situation with having experience on the offensive line was camouflaged, but once the coaching change took place, the steady recruiting of good line prospects continued and the existing veteran offensive line began to play better.

However, many of us are concerned about what happens next year.  2015 could be the real step back, not this season like many outside Boston College theorized.  That whole offensive line of seniors and 5th-year guys is on its way out and there will be a definite infusion of youth.  In the past it used to be that we could plug anyone into the line and turn out fine; if Justin Frye has done as good a job as I think he has, hopefully that will be true next season.

Q: Who is a player to watch on the Boston College defense?

A: Senior linebacker Josh Keyes.  He is making the most of all the playing time he gets, and has turned into one of the most reliable players on defense that the Eagles have this season.  Do yourself a favor and check out some of the hits he puts on offensive players — the kind of tackles that their grandmothers might be able to feel back home.  Aside from being a good tackler, he rarely makes a bad play from what I can see.

Notably, Keyes was the FWAA National Defensive Player of the Week after Boston College beat USC back in September.  He’s a talented player and we’re very pleased to have him.

Q: Who do you think will win this game and why?

A: A few days ago, I was convinced that Virginia Tech would find a way to stick it to the Eagles, as historically they seem to have done.  Not a big win, but a win nevertheless.  Now, I’m not so sure.

I’m literally about 50/50 on this game, as I’m sure Virginia Tech is going to play with more pride than they showed against Miami last week, but Boston College has played better in the more meaningful games this season.  This one of course is meaningful in that it would get them to the magic threshold of six wins.  Also, even though they have not played much of anyone, the Eagles are 3-0 on the road this season and whether it’s a truly legit 3-0 or not, the confidence is real – this team believes they can go into someone else’s building and win.

I feel like Boston College is in a slightly better spot right now and the Hokies actually have a few things to prove as this season has taken somewhat of a turn for the worse.  It should be a close game but I have to placate my home crowd and take the Eagles.

We would like to thank Joe Micik of Soaring To Glory for joining us this week for our coverage.

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